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7 Uses Of Computer In Environment

Computer is one of the most important tool in the world. It can help people to do their work at a faster pace. A computer also helps people to find information they need in an easy way. Computers are used by environmentalists and scientists because it can help them see cause-and-effects effect of climate change.

Even though computers were once primarily used as desktop machines, today’s universities are well known for their use of computers, where students attend classes from home with the assistance of a computer lab and its wireless networks.

Uses Of Computer In Environment

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, environmental scientists are concerned about the impact of electronic waste on the environment. Green computing is a way to reduce the environmental impact of personal computers and other electronic devices.

By designing more efficient manufacturing facilities and using recycled materials, manufacturers can help reduce the amount of electronic waste produced each year.

Every year, the electricity used by American servers and data centres produces 35.9 million metric tonnes of CO2.

1. Specially For Environmental Protection

Computer can be used for environmental protection. For example, if the trees are taken some chemicals, there is an environmental disaster. Sometimes the forest burns down because a forest fire.

To prevent these things, the computer can help people to analyze the information from several sources such as weather reports and satellite images of wildfires.

The computer will help people to find out which areas are most vulnerable to forest fires. With this change in database, it will help people to stop them before they start.

2. Specially For Climate Change


The scientific research that is done on climate change is huge as it uses computers because computers give very information in a clear way so they can understand easily. They use information from satellites which is also very helpful in understanding global warming.

They can see the cities and places where there is too much of pollution and with this they can restore the environment before it gets worse.

3. Research And Development

Age, hardware, and user behaviours all have a significant impact on how much electricity a computer uses. An average desktop computer uses 1.9 W when it is sleeping and 66 W when it is idle. Average power consumption for laptops is 33 W when idle and 1.0 W when in sleep mode.

Computer is used by scientists because they need to analyze data and research something. Computer helps them do the research and development of their problems such as weather, crops, water, climate change, etc.

They use computer graphics programs to represent data more clearly for them so that it can be understood easily about their studies or research.

4. Specially For The Science Of Hydrology

Hydrology is a science which deals with understanding and predicting the weather, climate, and water supply on Earth.

A computer can be used by scientists to study this science because it will help them review their findings more quickly in order for them to get more information about their research.

5. Specially For Agriculture And Fishery

Scientists use computer to research different parts of the plants such as planting time, germination time, height, color, etc. The computer can also be used to compare the information of the crops and plants. Sometimes they also need a computer to determine which zone has the best climate for growing crops.

6. Specially For Analysis Of Pollution

A 17″ LED LCD monitor consumes roughly 13 W when on, 0.4 W when in standby, and about 0.3 W when it is off.

Because of big pollution in some cities, scientists use computers in environment because they can analyze how much pollution is still in that city or area so that they can find out how much that city or area needs to change and how fast it will change so that there is no more pollution for that place.

7. Specially For Forecasting The Weather

Scientists use computers in environment to forecast the weather because it will help them find out which area or region on Earth has severe weather.

Computer can also be used to see what is going to happen if there is severe weather in that city or area they need to start preparing the buildings and people.

Benefits Of Computer In Environment

The amount of energy wasted by computers is staggering, and the problem is only getting worse. Energy efficiency is a key area of research in computer science, but translating that into actual improvements in energy usage has been difficult.

Meanwhile, the greenhouse gases emitted by energy waste are a major contributor to climate change. Every kWh used by office equipment requires an additional 0.2-0.5 kWh for air conditioning.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that computer systems account for about 2 percent of all the energy used in the United States, and that they are responsible for about the same amount of energy waste.

One way to reduce this energy waste is to use a computer program that can help manage your computer’s power settings.

1. Helps To Communicate Better

A computer is like a partner who helps you to communicate better with different groups in society. For example, if you want to consult with your friends and colleagues about your projects, computer can be used so that you can communicate better with other people.

2. Helps Research More Rapidly And Easily

Computer is a best tool for research because it helps you research more easily than usual. You don’t have to go through a tedious process in order for you to find the necessary information that you need in order for your research.

3. Helps To Develop New Things Faster

A typical computer that is operated for three years has an energy burden of 4,222 kWh. The first three years of a computer’s life cycle only account for 34% of its total energy consumption. Due to semiconductors’ high energy costs and their brief use phases, production accounts for the majority of life cycle energy.

A computer can help you to develop new things faster than usual. For example, if you want to develop a new computer, the computer will give some information so that you will know how far from your goal you are and what needs to be done in order for your project to succeed.

4. Helps You Explore More Creatively

Computer is also a tool to explore more creatively because it will help you develop ideas rapidly and easily with less or no effort on your part. You don’t need for you to copy someone else’s idea, it will help you develop new ideas on how great life can be for yourself and others.

5. Helps You Do Research In An Easy Way

Computer is also a great tool to help you with your research in an easy way because it will help you find an answer to your question or solution to your problem within seconds after you have asked the question.

For example, if you have a lot of ideas that you want to use for a project, computer will give some information about those ideas so that it will be easy for you to decide which one is more suitable for your project.

6. Helps You Make A Plan And Control Yourself Better

Because of computer, people can plan themselves and control themselves better than them before computers were invented because they didn’t need for them to make lists or plans before. They would just go and do whatever they want without thinking about it.

7. Helps You Make A Better Environment

Computer will help you to make a better environment because it will help you develop ideas to stop pollution and climate change in the world so that we can live in a better place without pollution or any other problem which will be very helpful for all of us.

8. Helps You Save Energy

Computer is also a very useful tool for saving energy because it helps you develop new methods to make your computer work more efficiently.

For example, if you want to find out how much energy a computer needs to run, computer will give information about the program that the computer runs so that you can stop using other programs which are not necessary and use more energy when you want.

Risks Of Computer In Environment


Carbon emissions from human activity are causing global climate change, and computer models suggest that this will have harmful consequences for the environment and human health.

However, some people argue that the models are not accurate and that the effects of climate change will be much less severe than predicted.

They point to the fact that global temperatures have not risen as rapidly as predicted, and argue that we have time to adapt to any changes that do occur.

1. Computer Is Not Good For Both Creativity And Attention Problems

For a desktop computer, manufacturing accounts for 60–85% of life cycle energy consumption, and for mobile phones, it accounts for 50–60%. Remanufacturing uses 5–30% less energy than manufacturing does for personal computers and only 5% more for mobile phones.

Computer can only help with some things because it can not help you with your attention problems, creativity problems and other mental problems. You should find a doctor who knows about computers and can help you learn how to use computers in order to solve your problem.

2. Computer Will Make You Nuts If You Use It Too Much

If you want to use computer too much, it will make you very crazy because it will give you information or ideas that are completely ridiculous that cannot be believed at all. Sometimes your mind will not be able to work properly or solve a problem like that.

3. Computer Can Cause Accidents Or Problems For Your Body

When you use computer, it can cause injuries or problems for your body if you do not control yourself well. You can get severe injuries such as damaged spine and other injuries because of your carelessness when using computers.

Therefore, when you use computer, make sure that you are careful and remember to support your back so that there won’t be any problems in the future for your body.

4. Computer Can Cause Problems With Your Eyes

When you use computer, it can cause many problems with your eyes if you don’t control yourself well. First, you should take a rest after 1 hour of using computer and let your eyes rest for a while.

Second, make sure that you won’t sit for a long time when using computer because it will cause severe problems with your back or the rest of your body. You should stand up from time to time in order to let your body enjoy moving and exercising in that way.

5. Computer Will Make You Too Busy

When you are too busy, you will forget things easily and forget about your childhood memories, your favorite movies or books because computer will keep running in the background without seeing the user.

In that way, the user may feel that they are actually doing nothing while they are using computers and they really are not.

6. Computer Can Also Cause Problems With Your Emotions

When computer is used in a wrong way, it can also cause problems because it can make you angry for no reason at all. You may even become a junkie if you use computer too much. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to use computer only in a right way so that you won’t get problem with your emotions.

7. Computer Can Make You Unhealthy

When computer is used for too long, it can also make user unhealthy because it will decrease the user’s motivation and increase the user’s stress which leads to illness or physical problems in certain cases.

Therefore, it is very important to remember that when using computers, always remember that it can be harmful for your overall health and the body itself depends on your mind.

Final Note

Computer will have a great effect on the environment in the future because many people will develop new ideas and technologies which can help users to find a better way of living. Computer can only help with some things because it can not help you do everything in life. It will not solve all of your problems if you use it too much.

Therefore, computer is very important in our lives but we should not use it too much or else it can cause problems for us. On the other hand, many people have ever used computers but they have never used computers to develop their ideas in such a way.

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