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Aquatic Multi Robot System For Lake Cleaning

There are a number of different ways lakes can get polluted, the most common being through pesticides, industrial chemicals, and oil. The key to keeping lakes clean is by combating these pollutants at the source with an environmentally friendly clean-up system.

With that said, an aqua robotic system does just that– it takes care of the cleaning process without harming any wildlife or humans in the process.

What Is Aquatic Multi Robot System For Lake Cleaning

Lake cleaning is one of the most important issues in recent times. It is one of the most serious threats to the health of this earth.

Many lakes and ponds have been completely destroyed due to improper care and treatment. An underwater robot has been developed by MIT in collaboration with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.


In order to avoid such situations, we need a proper system to remove contaminants from the lakes and restore them back to their natural habitats before they get completely destroyed by chemical pollutants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, etc.

This task cannot be accomplished by humans using some traditional methods because it requires huge processing capabilities along with enormous cost. There are some several solutions proposed in recent times like using nuclear power plants which solve this problem in a very expensive process and also pollution producing method.

But those solutions are not very environmentally friendly. So the green way of cleaning up lakes is to use robotic technologies for the process which will require minimum amount of human intervention and also produce minimal pollution.

Benefits Of Aquatic Multi Robot System For Lake Cleaning

The Multi Robot Aquatic System is a system of robots that collectively perform cleaning operations. The system is effective and rapid cleaning, precision and power consumption. The system is composed of robots that perform basic control tasks and communicate with each other to coordinate their actions.

The autonomous device, known as “Roboat,” has several uses, including on-demand infrastructure.

One such underwater robot is helping with the entire process of waste removal strategy. Other surface wastes are also being removed by autonomous aquatic vehicles. This is all part of a larger effort to keep our oceans clean.

1. Environmental Friendly

This system is built in a way that it helps people in cleaning the lakes without causing harm to the environment. The cleaning process does not involve any chemicals, so there is no pollution involved.

It uses a completely mechanical and automated process which helps people to keep the lake clean with its natural resources.

2. Automated System

One of the main benefits of this system is that it removes all pollutants without human intervention and it works automatically according to its program designed by the manufacturer.

The whole system including robots and pumps etc., work together in order to restore back their natural habitat into commercial or recreational places with its own efforts using minimum cost and time taking process.

3. Environmentally Friendly Processes

Due to the processes of this robotic system, initial contaminants are removed in the first step of the process. Then it further cleans out harmful substances at the same time, which are usually loaded into small pumps and kept aside in storage tanks after completing its duty.

These tanks are used again and again for successive cleaning up process. This is such a brilliant concept of saving cost without affecting on almost any other parts like pollution producing machinery or human beings.

4. Cost Effective & Simple Method-Making System


The stability and functionality of Roboat’s design are currently being improved. The basic cost involved in using this system is very much low when compared to many other traditional methods for lake cleaning.

The maintenance expenses and robot parts cost are also low, which makes it a very suitable as well as a cost effective method for lake cleaning.

5. Robotic Concepts

The whole concept of this system can be developed further in a more efficient way with more specialized and sophisticated robots controlled by the control system.

This will make it even more effective in cleaning up the lakes and ponds in polluted conditions by removing the contaminants automatically by following the prescribed process.

6. Ideal Solution To Clean Up Polluted Lakes & Ponds

It is an ideal solution to clean up all lakes and ponds subjected to chemical pollution or other harmful contaminants like oil spillage, pesticides, oil leakage etc.

These contaminants destroy the natural habitat of these areas, but this robotic system will allow people to restore the area back to its original condition without causing any harm to them.

7. Environmentally Friendly Solution To Clean Up Lakes & Ponds

The lakes and ponds, polluted due to pesticides as well as oil spillage and other harmful substances, are one of the most common and serious problems faced by people in recent times.

These lakes are now being depleted of their natural resources and many animals have already been killed due to pollution by toxic substances. This aspect needs immediate attention because it can cause severe health issues for humans in the future.

8. This Robot System Can Be Controlled By The Remote Control

The task of cleaning up lakes and ponds is not so small or easy that it can be done by any common man. The slightest mistake in its performance can result into pollution and even in the killing of many animals which are also depended on this water for their survival.

So only experts can be used for this purpose. But this robotic system provides a solution to all such problems which makes it a very good option for people to use in cleaning up polluted lakes and ponds.

Risks Of Aquatic Multi Robot System For Lake Cleaning

External and internal sources can both contribute to surface cleaning. Wireless communication can be used to connect devices and traditional methods can be used to clean surfaces. Surface wastes can be recycled or disposed of properly.

A fleet of multipurpose Roboats will be constructed by scientists, according to MIT News, and will be outfitted with “sensors, thrusters, microcontrollers, GPS modules, cameras, and other electronics.”


Cleaning weeds manually and cleaning rubbish floating in the water is a known cooperative cleaners problem. The design and hydrodynamic model of mobile mini robots can help to solve this problem.

1. Risk Of Exposure To Harmful Substances

Even though it is a very effective system to clean up lakes, ponds and other water bodies, it still exposes people to harmful chemicals like pesticides and other chemicals which can be potentially harmful for their health.

These toxins are present in the water for a long time during the cleaning process and may not be eliminated completely. This can cause health issues like skin rashes, brain infections and poisoning. Therefore it is very important to take all precautions while using this system.

2. Risk Of Injury During Cleaning Process

Just as the risks discussed earlier, there are also many risks involved in cleaning process itself by using this robotic system. The first is the risk of injury to its main parts like pumps, valves and other internally wired parts.

The water flow through the system may suddenly change abruptly or speed up for some reason. This may cause damage to these parts which can be very dangerous for the control system itself.

3. Possible Damage To The Ponds During Cleaning Process

When cleaning process is going on, it is important that these robotic systems moves around in a designated way and also make sure that it does not hit anything in places which are not covered by the robotic cleaner.

If this harmful situation occurs, then there can be damage besides contamination of the water body as a whole with harmful chemicals like pesticides, oil spillage etc.

The researchers want to build “on-demand infrastructure” that will gather information about Amsterdam while they look at “the potential of self-driving technology to reshape our cities and its waterways,” according to the project’s official website.

4. Risk Of Accidents And Accumulation Of Contaminants

Another risk involved in using this robotic system is that it moves continuously while cleaning the water body and in such a large area it can easily strike against other objects or cause damage itself.

This is a very serious issue because there may be accumulation of contaminants inside its main parts which are not easy to remove at the last stage, thus making it hazardous for humans as well.

Therefore make sure that you use only genuine parts and select the best quality product for your needs.

5. Risk Of Money Losses

One of the most important risks is that it does not work as per your expectations i.e. if your lake is more contaminated and requires more cleaning up, then you may have to pay a lot more money to get your project completed by following the given instructions.

However, if you follow the robotic system in an appropriate manner to clean up the water body at an early stage, then there can be no such losses in terms of money.

6. Risk Of Defacing Historical And Cultural Places

It is important to use this robotic system in an appropriate way so that it does not accidentally destroy any historic or cultural places which are protected by government or any other organizations.

The main purpose of using this system is to clean up ponds and lakes but it can be used improperly and cause a lot of damage to these places which are still valuable.

The Roboats’ code will also be changed to offer them more autonomy and problem-solving abilities when working on a mission, such discovering each other and combining into a larger structure, as well as “tentacle-like rubber grippers.”

7. Risk Of Loss Of Fish As Well As Birds And Other Animals

Another very serious risk is that it may cause loss of life for aquatic animals like fish, birds, insects etc.

You will not be able to control their movement with the robotic system itself so you need to buy the best quality products from the market with proper features in order to make them move in a safe and reliable manner.

You cannot disturb the natural way for these creatures in nature by touching or moving them around. So purchase only premium quality devices which will give you many benefits over time.

8. Risk Of Environmental Pollution

The most serious risk involved in using this robotic system is that it can cause environmental pollution when it moves to different parts of the water body which are not designed or supported by regulation or government.

You may have to wait for a long time in getting your project completed so you need to be very careful while using this method. This system should not be used in any way which can cause environmental pollution.

You need to be careful about the technology you are using and also the people who are operating its functioning throughout its life span.

Final Note

The future of this system is very bright and promising, especially because we are facing serious issues with respect to the environment. However this system can cause a lot of damage to our water bodies if it is not used in the right manner with proper precautions.

Therefore it is better to use this product only with proper care and attention as well as following all the instructions given by the manufacturer or knowledgeable people who were involved in creating this system.


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