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Do Feet Models Have Foot Fetish?

Selling feet pics is a trend that has caught on in recent years. With proper marketing people can earn a relatively stable side income from this endeavor. In fact, some feet pic sellers have even made this their main profession. 

Understanding the Feet Market 

Professionalism and dedication are the two traits needed to make it in the feet industry. According to popular content creator, Stevia Skies marketing is vital too when selling feet. You need to dedicate atlest 4 hours daily to this work if you plan to make it big. 

Moreover, promotion, editing, and finding the right platform also take abulk of a seller’s time. Fortunately, websites like Feetfinder provide a centralized marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet. These platforms also enable rate negotiations, accept custom orders, and make transactions safer. In fact, Feetfinder has over 1,000,000 vendors selling images of feet! 

Factors that Can Potentially Lead to Feet Attraction

The mistake many make is believing that all these creators have a foot fetish. The feet industry is a market like any other. This means that sellers use sites like Feetfinder to primarily sell pictures of their feet. Since this platform makes it seamless to create a profile, several type of people join the industry.

For example, a seller may be a homemaker or an office worker in their daily lives. They may be using Feetfinder to generate passive income. The fact that they are selling feet pics does not mean that they have a fixation with feet. 

However, the opposite is also true. Content creators leveraging feet images may also have a foot fetish. The probablity is the same as in a typical everyday set up. However, the chances of these sellers developing an interest for feet is highly probable because of the following reasons

Constant Exposure to Feet 

Feet pic sellers are constantly exposed to images of feet when promoting these images. Typically, vendors use social media to sell their feet pics. Some of the most common platforms to leverage feet pics include  

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • OnlyFans

However, sites like Feetfinder offer more specialized services. For example, creating an account on the platforms lets you send messages and interact with buyers. You can also view profiles belonging to other sellers.

This constant exposure to feet and feet pics can affect sellers as much as buyers. According to stimulus-response theories, much of human behaviour is learned. Conditioning as a theory, believes that stimulus and reinforcements can alter human behavioural patterns. Based on this framework, a seller of foot pics may grow to develop a liking for feet as a result of constant exposure to the same.

For example, selling feet pics is guaranteed to make sellers look at feet in a new light. Since these are their main commodities, they will now to able to evaluate features and other aspects. A vendor will thus be more attentive to and appreciative of the size/shape styling of feet after they start selling these images.

Frequent Treatments

The human foot is home to over 200,000 nerve endings and the feet industry requires activities that stimulate these sensors. To sell more pics, feet pic sellers have to keep their appendages in top condition.

Some of the most popular treatments done by these vendors include

  • Foot rubs
  • Foot soaks
  • Pedicures
  • Massages

Constant stimulation like these makes feet sellers more aware of their feet. These vendors also become more knowledgeable about the pleasurable sensations produced when you play with feet. As a result, they may learn to associate feet with pleasure and even incorporate it in their personal life. Foot play may become a major part of their sex life because of their experience with feet treatments.

Customer Appreciation

One thing that all feet pic sellers receive is positive reinforcements. When selling these pics they are typically catering to an audience with an enhanced fondness for feet. As a result, they are likely to receive frequent, effusive comments. Buyers will show a lot of appreciation for feet pics. In many cases, this business has been known to boost confidence in sellers.

According to a seller, a buyer showing appreciation for their feet, mafe them feel beautiful. Upon receiving such feedback, sellers may see feet in  a new light. As a result, they are likely to be more open to accepting their attraction to feet. They may even learn to appreciate and love feet in their partners as well.

This type of positive reinforcement is discussed in the above-mentioned stimulus theory. In fact, this school of thought states that “a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response.”

What are the Chances of Developing a Foot Fetish Among Feet Models 

However, sites like Feetfinder host a variety of buyers aside from feet enthusiasts. In fact, their client rooster includes buyers like 

  • Modeling agencies
  • Pharma companies
  • Footwear brands
  • Accessory labels
  • Influencers/Bloggers
  • Stock photo companies 

The type of transactions in these cases are typically very formal. For example, sellers may sign a contract with a stock photo company to supply images for their collections. In such cases, the chances of developing a deep-seated attraction for feet are very low. Instead, the very commercializd aspect of the transactions may make sellers see their feet primarily as a commodity. 

Understanding Foot Fetishes 

Moreover, a foot fetish is different from a simple liking for feet. Sellers may learn to develop a fondness for feet. However, acquiring a fetish is a much more serious matter. For one, the latter is a pronounced sexual fixation with feet instead of simple appreciation. 

If a foot pic seller has a foot fetish, chances are, they will have had it prior to selling foot pics. This is because this phenomenon develops primarily during the adolescent or early childhood phase. Psychologists believe that a Pavlovian response may be the cause of feet fetishes.

Simply put, a prior experience involving feet may be embedded in their memory. This event causes them to fixate on feet to the point of being unable to achieve sexual climax without it. 


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