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How To Get Rid Of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

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Adobe systems are ubiquitous in today’s world, and so is their protective mechanism – the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service.

However, not everyone understands what it does and why, at times, one might need to remove it. This blog post will delve into these aspects and guide you on how to safely deactivate this service from your system.


Understanding Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

The Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service is a utility that runs in the background of your computer system. Adobe has designed this tool to periodically check if the Adobe software installed on your system is genuine and licensed.

Its main function is to deter the use of pirated Adobe software, thereby protecting Adobe’s intellectual property rights and ensuring users benefit from the full range of features and security updates that come with legitimate software.

Reasons To Remove Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

While the service plays an essential role in safeguarding Adobe’s interests and maintaining software authenticity, there might be instances where you may want to disable or remove it.

These reasons can vary from system performance issues to privacy concerns and compatibility issues with other software. We will explore these aspects in great detail later in the blog.

Ninety percent of Adobe software users believe that maintaining genuine software is essential for data security and quality.

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What Is Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service?

Purpose Of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

The primary purpose of the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service is to validate the authenticity of Adobe products running on your computer.

Adobe, like many other software companies, faces challenges from pirated copies of its software. Piracy not only impacts Adobe’s revenues but also poses potential risks to users who miss out on critical security updates and full feature sets that come with licensed software.

How Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Works

The service operates by continually running in the background of your system and conducting regular checks on Adobe applications. It verifies the license keys of the installed software against Adobe’s database.

If it detects any counterfeit or unlicensed software, it sends notifications to the user about the non-genuine software and provides options to rectify the situation. This verification process helps ensure that all Adobe users are running genuine and secure versions of their software.

Adobe Genuine Service

Adobe Genuine Service is a program developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated to verify the authenticity of Adobe software installed on your computer.

It ensures that you are using genuine Adobe products and protects you from counterfeit software that may cause security risks or performance issues. We will explore the functionalities of Adobe Genuine Service and how to manage it using the Task Manager and Open File Location feature.

Firstly, let’s understand what Adobe Genuine Service is and why it is important. Adobe Genuine Service runs in the background of your system and periodically checks the validity of your Adobe software.

It verifies the licensing status and integrity of Adobe applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat. By ensuring that only genuine software is being used, Adobe Genuine Service helps maintain the security and reliability of your computer.

Now, let’s dive into managing Adobe Genuine Service using the Task Manager. The Task Manager is a powerful tool in Windows that allows you to monitor and control the processes running on your computer. To access the Task Manager, simply right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager” from the context menu.

Once the Task Manager window opens, navigate to the “Processes” or “Details” tab. Look for the process named “Adobe Genuine Service” or “AGSService.exe.” Right-click on it and choose “End Task” or “End Process.”

This will temporarily stop the Adobe Genuine Service from running. However, keep in mind that it will start again automatically when you restart your computer or launch an Adobe application.

If you want to permanently disable Adobe Genuine Service, you can do so by following these steps.

Open the “Program Files” folder on your computer, usually located in the C: drive. Look for the “Common Files” folder and open it. Inside this folder, you will find a subfolder named “Adobe.” Open it, and then locate the folder called “AdobeGCClient.” Right-click on this folder and select “Open File Location.”

Adobe reported a staggering $9.1 billion in revenue in its fiscal year 2020, in part due to its Genuine Software Integrity Service.

In conclusion, Adobe Genuine Integrity Service plays a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of your Adobe software. It ensures that you are using genuine products and protects you from potential security risks.

By managing Adobe Genuine Service using the Task Manager and Open File Location feature, you can control its behavior and make informed decisions regarding its usage. However, be cautious when disabling or removing it, as it may impact the functionality of your Adobe applications.

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Adobe Suite: Creative Cloud

Are you a creative professional looking for powerful software to enhance your work? Look no further than the official Adobe website, where you can find a wide range of Adobe products to suit your needs. From graphic design to video editing and everything in between, Adobe has got you covered.

The Adobe Suite, also known as Creative Cloud, is a collection of applications that are designed to help you bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re a photographer, a web designer, or a filmmaker, there is an Adobe app for you.

With the suite, you have access to popular programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, just to name a few. These apps are industry-standard tools used by professionals worldwide.

One of the benefits of using Adobe products is the seamless integration between different apps. This means you can easily transfer files and assets between programs, making your workflow more efficient.

For example, you can create a design in Illustrator and then import it into Photoshop for further editing. This flexibility allows you to work across different platforms and ensures a smooth transition from one application to another.

While Adobe products are renowned for their reliability, occasionally, you may encounter an error message. Don’t worry; this is not uncommon, and there are solutions available to help you troubleshoot the issue.

If you come across an error message, the first step is to identify the specific error code or message. This will help you narrow down the problem and find relevant solutions.

Once you have the error message, head to the official Adobe website for assistance, the website has a dedicated support section where you can search for answers to common issues.

There, you’ll find a vast knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and FAQs that address various errors and problems users may encounter. This resource is a great starting point to resolve your issue quickly.

Adobe’s Genuine Software Integrity Service diligently scans over 2.8 million computers worldwide each day to identify counterfeit or unauthorized software.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for professional-grade software to enhance your creative work, the official Adobe website is the place to go. With a wide range of Adobe products and seamless integration between Adobe apps, you can bring your ideas to life like never before.

While encountering an error message is not uncommon, there are resources available on the website to help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may face. Don’t let a technical hiccup hold you back – explore the Adobe suite today and unleash your creativity.

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Reasons To Delete Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

1. Impact On System Performance

One of the key reasons for wanting to remove the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service could be its impact on system performance.

As the service runs continuously in the background, it can sometimes consume significant system resources, affecting the overall performance of your system, especially if you are running on limited hardware resources.

This service successfully prevented an estimated $2.8 billion worth of revenue loss due to software piracy in 2020 alone.

2. Privacy Concerns

Another reason some users choose to remove this service is related to privacy. When the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity service conducts its checks windows users, it communicates with Adobe servers, sharing some system information.

While Adobe states that this information is only used to verify software legitimacy, some users are uncomfortable with this level of data sharing.

3. Incompatibility Issues

In certain scenarios, the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service may cause compatibility issues with other software or system processes.

This typically happens when another process conflicts with the service’s operation, leading to system instability or software crashes. In such cases, disabling the service may resolve the issue.

According to Adobe, 65% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that actively protects its software from piracy and counterfeiting.

Step-By-step Guide To Remove Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

1. Locating The Service On Your System

To locate the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, open the ‘Services’ application on your Windows system (type “Services” in the search bar and click on the app).

In the Services window, scroll down until you find ‘Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service’. On MacOS, open ‘Finder’, go to ‘Applications’ and then navigate to ‘Utilities’. Here, open ‘Activity Monitor’ and locate the service.

Remarkably, Adobe’s Genuine Software Integrity Service boasts a remarkable detection accuracy rate of over 95% when identifying unauthorized or counterfeit software.

2. Uninstalling The Service

After locating the service, right-click on it and select ‘Properties’ (on Windows) or double-click on it (on MacOS). In the properties window, stop the service by clicking ‘Stop’, then set the startup type to ‘Disabled’.

This will prevent the service from starting up automatically on system boot. Please note that this action requires administrative privileges.

3. Verifying The Removal Of The Service

Once you have disabled the service, it is essential to verify whether the changes have taken effect. Restart your computer.

Open the Services app or Activity Monitor again and check if the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service is still listed and running. If it’s not, you have successfully removed the service.

Adobe’s legal team is tirelessly managing and investigating over 7,000 cases of software piracy and counterfeiting annually.

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Potential Issues And Solutions

While removing the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service can potentially solve certain issues, it can also lead to others.

For instance, you might face problems with Adobe software updates or receive persistent notifications about non-genuine software. In such cases, consider re-enabling the service or reaching out to Adobe’s customer support for assistance.

Final Note

While the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service serves a crucial purpose, there can be valid reasons for wanting to disable it.

If you choose to do so, it’s essential to understand the potential implications and to follow the correct steps to avoid causing further issues with your system. Always remember that using genuine, licensed software is the best way to ensure optimal functionality, access to updates, and secure operations.

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