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The Complete Manual To Flourishing In An Industrial Apartment Setting

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Industrial apartments, with their open, floor plan, plans, exposed brickwork, and high ceilings, offer a unique living experience that blends the charm of the past with contemporary design. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to truly thrive in an industrial apartment setting.

But what exactly is an industrial apartment setting? Let’s explore this concept further.

What Is An Industrial Apartment Setting

An industrial apartment setting is a type of interior design that draws inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces. These apartments often feature exposed bricks, ductwork, metal accents, and large windows. The aesthetic can be described as ‘raw’ and ‘unfinished’, giving a nod to the building’s past life while providing a blank canvas for modern living.

Industrial apartments are a growing trend, constituting approximately 15% of the total apartment market, reflecting the same industry and increasing demand for unique and modern living spaces.

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Industry Columbus Apartments

Industry Columbus Apartments, managed by BH Management Services, embody the essence of vibrant and eclectic living. Situated in the heart of the North Shore Arts District, these apartments are a testament to modern and dynamic urban living. With BH Management Services at the helm, Industry Apartments stands out in the industry apartment landscape, offering residents a unique and enriching living experience in one of Columbus’s most culturally rich neighborhoods.

Industry Apartments, centrally located in the Arena District, boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center and is the epitome of modern urban living. When reaching out to a leasing agent, residents can expect up-to-date information on available apartment types and receive personalized messages tailored to their preferences. This commitment to personalized service, combined with the central location in the Arena District, makes Industry Apartments a top choice for those seeking a dynamic and convenient living experience.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Columbus, Industry Apartments stands out as a premier apartment community offering a unique living experience. Residents at Industry Apartments enjoy the convenience of a downtown location along with the comfort of featured layouts, including apartments with hardwood floors. As a pet-friendly community, Industry Apartments goes above and beyond by providing amenities like a dog washing station, catering to the diverse needs of its residents. With a commitment to both style and functionality, Industry Apartments is an ideal choice for those seeking a contemporary and comfortable urban living space.

At Industry Apartments, residents can discover vibrant downtown living with thoughtfully designed interiors and exceptional amenities. The apartments feature stainless steel appliances, adding a touch of modern elegance to the living spaces. The community offers nearby access to various attractions and conveniences, creating a seamless blend of comfort and urban excitement. Whether enjoying the thoughtfully designed interiors or taking advantage of the exceptional amenities, Industry Apartments provides a unique and stylish living experience in the heart of downtown.

The average size of industrial apartments ranges from 800 to 1,200 square feet, providing residents with spacious and adaptable layouts that cater to diverse lifestyles.

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Finding The Perfect Industrial Apartment

Finding the perfect industrial apartment requires research, budgeting, touring, and evaluating amenities and features. Here’s how to proceed.

1. Researching Industrial Apartments

Start by researching available industrial apartments in your desired location. Online platforms like Zillow and Apartments.com can provide a plethora of options. Pay special attention to the photos to get a sense of the building’s industrial vibe and the neighborhood’s character.

2. Determining Your Budget

Before falling in love with a loft-style penthouse, determine what you can afford. Consider your income, expenses, and financial goals. Remember to factor in additional costs such as utilities, parking, and renter’s insurance.

3. Touring Potential Apartments

After shortlisting a few options, schedule tours to get a feel for the spaces. Pay attention to natural light, noise levels, and overall layout. Ask about any potential renovations or plans for the building that could affect your living experience.

4. Considering Amenities And Features

While the aesthetics of an industrial apartment are important, don’t forget to consider practical aspects. Does the building have an elevator? Is there in-unit laundry? How is the building’s security? These factors can significantly impact your quality of life.

Rental rates in industrial apartments are generally competitive, averaging around $1,500 to $2,500 per month, depending on location, amenities, and specific features offered.

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Decorating And Furnishing Your Industrial Apartment

Once you’ve found your dream industrial apartment, it’s time to make it your own. Here’s how to embrace the industrial aesthetic while adding personal touches.

1. Embracing The Industrial Aesthetic

The industrial aesthetic is all about celebrating the raw, unfinished elements of the space. Here’s how to choose furniture and decor, utilize industrial materials, keep details and maximize open spaces.

Choosing Furniture And Decor

Choose furniture pieces that complement the industrial vibe. Opt for items made from reclaimed wood, metal, and leather. For decor, think vintage signage, old factory tools, and minimalist art pieces.

Utilizing Industrial Materials And Finishes

Embrace the raw materials present in your apartment. Expose brickwork, let steel beams shine, and don’t be afraid to show off that concrete floor. These elements add character and authenticity to your space.

Maximizing Open Spaces

Industrial apartments often feature open floor plans. To make the most of this, use furniture to define different areas in your space. For example, a rug can anchor your living area, while a tall shelf can serve as a divider between your one bedroom, kitchen and dining area.

Energy efficiency is a priority in industrial apartment settings, with approximately 80% incorporating eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient appliances, lighting, air conditioning and HVAC systems.

2. Adding Personal Touches

While maintaining the industrial aesthetic is important, adding personal touches makes an apartment feel like home. Here’s how to display artwork, incorporate greenery, and create a cozy atmosphere.

Displaying Artwork And Collectibles

Use your walls as a gallery for your favorite art pieces or collectibles. The high ceilings of industrial apartments provide ample wall space. Just remember not to clutter; let each piece have its moment.

Incorporating Plants And Greenery

Plants add a touch of nature to the industrial setting. They not only purify the air but also soften the hard edges of the raw materials. Consider easy-to-care-for plants like succulents, snake plants, or pothos vines.

Creating A Cozy Atmosphere

Industrial apartments can sometimes feel cold due to the concrete and metal elements. Warm up your space with textiles like rugs, pillows, and throws. Lighting also plays a crucial role in creating a cozy atmosphere. Opt for warm, ambient lights and consider adding a statement chandelier for that wow factor.

Residents in industrial apartments often enjoy a sense of community, with communal spaces comprising approximately 10% of the total property area, fostering social interaction and a shared living experience.

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Organizing And Maximizing Storage In Your Industrial Apartment

Storage can be a challenge in open floor plans. Use smart storage solutions like multi-functional furniture, wall shelves, and baskets. Don’t forget to utilize vertical space, which is often abundant in industrial apartments.

Making The Most Of Small Spaces In An Industrial Apartment

While industrial apartments are known for their spaciousness, not all spaces are large. For smaller apartments, use mirrors to give the illusion of more space. Opt for furniture that can be folded or tucked away when not in use. And remember, less is more when it comes to small spaces.

The industrial aesthetic is a key selling point, with exposed brick and metal features found in 90% of industrial apartments, creating a modern and urban ambiance.

Maintenance And Upkeep In An Industrial Apartment

Maintaining your industrial apartment’s charm requires regular upkeep. Regularly dust and clean exposed brickwork and metal elements. Ensure that windows are kept clean to allow maximum natural light. Lastly, address any maintenance issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Navigating Community And Amenities In An Industrial Apartment Complex

Living in an industrial apartment complex often means having access to shared amenities like gyms, rooftop terraces, or communal lounges. Make the most of these perks but also respect the community rules. Remember, a good neighbor contributes to a whole neighborhood and great living experience!

The turnover rate for rent in industrial apartments tends to be lower, with an average tenant retention rate of 70% to 80%, highlighting the appeal of these unique living spaces for long-term residents.

Final Thoughts

Thriving in an industrial apartment setting requires understanding the aesthetic, finding the right studio apartment, decorating to your taste, organizing efficiently, and maintaining the space. With this guide, you’re well on your way to making the most out of your industrial apartment life.

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