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What Does A Data Strategist Do: A Comprehensive Guide

In our digital age, data has become one of the most valuable assets in the world. Making sense of this vast amount of information is vital for businesses to stay competitive. This is where a data strategist steps in. If you’ve ever wondered what a data strategist does or how they contribute to a business’s success, this guide is for you.


Understanding The Role Of A Data Strategist

A data strategist is a professional who helps organizations make sense of the data they collect and use it to drive strategic decisions. They are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing data strategies that align with an organization’s goals and objectives. In essence, data analysts, they turn raw data into meaningful insights that can be used to make informed business decisions.

The role of a data strategist is multifaceted and extends beyond mere number crunching. It involves understanding business needs, identifying opportunities for data utilization, ensuring data quality, and communicating findings to a team and stakeholders.

A survey by the Harvard Business Review found that 40% of organizations have a dedicated data strategist or chief data officer to oversee data-related initiatives.

The Fundamentals Of Data Strategy

What Is Data Strategy

Data strategy is a plan designed to address all aspects of data management and usage within an organization. It includes how to acquire, store, manage, share, and use data. A robust data strategy should align with the overall business strategy and serve as a roadmap for how data will be handled and utilized.

Creating a data strategy involves defining clear objectives for what the organization wants to achieve with its data, establishing processes to ensure data quality and compliance, and determining how data will support business initiatives. The goal is to extract maximum value from data assets while minimizing risks associated with data management.

The average annual salary for all data scientists and strategists in the United States was approximately $173,000 in 2020, according to Glassdoor.

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Role Of A Data Strategist

Key Responsibilities Of A Data Strategist

A data strategist wears many hats and their responsibilities vary widely based on the needs of the business partners and the organization. Some of their key duties include:

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with the organization’s objectives.
  • Identifying opportunities to leverage data to drive business growth and efficiency.
  • Ensuring data quality and compliance with data governance policies.
  • Communicating complex data concepts and insights to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Collaborating with other teams to integrate data into their workflows.

Skills Required For A Data Strategist

A successful data strategist needs a mix of technical, analytical, and soft skills. Some of the essential skills include:

  • Data Analysis: Ability to interpret complex data sets and draw meaningful insights.
  • Communication: Ability to explain complex data concepts and findings in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop strategic plans for data utilization that align with business objectives.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with data tools and technologies, such as SQL, Python, R, and data visualization software like Tableau.
  • Business Acumen: Understanding of the business landscape and ability to translate business needs into data-driven solutions.

The number of job postings related to data strategy and data analytics increased to over 2.7 million in 2020, indicating strong demand for data professionals and in this field, as reported by Burning Glass Technologies.

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The Impact Of A Data Strategist

How A Data Strategist Drives Business Growth

A data strategist plays a pivotal role in driving business growth by helping organizations leverage their data effectively. By extracting meaningful insights from data, they can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that can inform strategic decisions. These insights can lead to cost savings, increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and more.

Moreover, a data strategist contributes to business growth by ensuring data quality and compliance with data systems. By maintaining high data quality, they ensure that decisions are based on accurate and reliable information. Compliance with data regulations is also important to avoid legal issues and maintain trust with customers.

The global big data and business analytics market is projected to reach approximately $125 billion in revenue by 2022, indicating the significant growth of data-driven strategies in business, across industry, according to IDC.

The Role Of A Data Strategist In Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is reshaping the business landscape, and data strategists play a key role in this process. They help organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation by becoming data engineers providing a clear roadmap for data usage. By determining how data can support digital initiatives, they enable organizations to become more data-driven and digitally savvy.

Furthermore, data strategists facilitate digital transformation projects by promoting a culture of data literacy within the organization. They educate employees about the importance of data and how to use it effectively, fostering a data-driven mindset across the organization.

According to a survey by KPMG, 75% of companies believe that data strategists play a crucial role in their business intelligence analysts helping them achieve their business objectives.

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Becoming A Data Strategist

Educational Background And Experience

Most data strategists have a background or expertise in fields like computer science, statistics, economics, or business. A bachelor’s degree in one of these fields is typically required, and many data strategists also hold a master’s degree or higher.

Experience plays a crucial role in becoming a successful data strategist. Most positions require several years of experience and knowledge in data analysis, data management, or a related field. Experience with data tools and technologies is also important.

Essential Certifications

Certifications can enhance a data strategist’s credibility and demonstrate their proficiency in key areas of data science. Some of the most respected certifications include Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and certifications from vendors like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reported that 35% of organizations increased their investment in data strategy and analytics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Career Path And Progression

The career path for a data scientist or strategist is typically progressive. They often start in roles like data analyst or business analyst, gaining hands-on experience with data management and analysis. With time and experience, they can move into more strategic roles, eventually becoming a data strategist.

The future for data strategists looks bright. As businesses continue to recognize the value of data, the demand for skilled data strategists is expected to grow. Opportunities for advancement within data driven organization are plentiful, with potential paths leading to roles like Chief Data Officer or Director of Data Strategy.

In a study by EY, the company, 8 out of 10 organizations acknowledged that a data strategist or chief data officer helps them drive innovation and competitive advantage.

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Final Note

In conclusion, a data strategist plays a vital role in modern businesses. Their work helps organizations harness the power of data, driving strategic decision-making and business growth. Becoming a data strategist requires a mix of technical, analytical, and strategic thinking skills. While the journey may be challenging, the rewards are well worth it for those who are passionate about data and its potential to transform businesses.

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