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7 Ways The Internet of Things at Work Is Changing The Industry

The internet of things, or the interconnectedness of physical objects and devices, is revolutionizing nearly every industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extremely important trend that will not only transform the way we live but how businesses operate as well. In this article, we will look at seven ways the internet of things is changing the world of work.

1. The Industry of the Future

In the industrial sector, IIoT is also known as Industry 4.0 or IoT usage. This term is often considered synonymous with smart manufacturing and is the application of IoT in industry. Changing how you do business today could change your entire industry. Taking a look at the impact that IoT has had on the industry in general, it is clear to see why companies have taken notice of this trend.

Companies are already seeing the benefits of IoT and continue to invest in these systems for their own benefit. For example, when you consider Amazon’s Echo smart speaker or other connected devices such as the Nest thermostat, it is clear to see why companies are taking advantage of IoT. These smart technologies are not only transforming our homes but can also completely change an entire industry.

2. The Beginning

Despite the fact that almost 50 billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020, IoT is still a relatively new trend in the world of work and throughout many industries. With nearly every company now looking at how they can decrease costs, improve efficiency and produce happier employees through IoT systems, it shows how important this trend could become in the future.

As more companies begin investing in these types of technology, this will only help them reach their goals as these systems allow for multiple companies to work together more efficiently than ever before.

3. Benefits for Companies

IoT provides many benefits for companies that are looking to utilize these in their workplace. Some of the added benefits include decreased costs and improved efficiency. The greatest benefit these technology systems provide is increased quality and safety for employees. 

The fact that not only consumers but many companies will be able to take advantage of IoT is a major reason why this trend should be taken seriously by today’s businesses. By investing in technology systems such as the Amazon Echo and other smart devices, companies are able to be more efficient and productive.

4. Employees Are More Productive

Taking a look at how connected devices are helping today’s employees to be more productive, it is clear why companies want to take advantage of systems such as the Amazon Echo. Not only do employees like these systems because they help them save time but they also produce higher quality work due to the fact that they are more productive with their time.

The primary benefit of IoT for employees is their ability to accomplish their tasks in less time and with better results than ever before due to the fact that they complete those tasks from a different point of view. Employees spend less time researching and more time actually completing their tasks. IoT is not only changing the way companies operate but how employees work as well.

5. Costs Are Decreased

Not only are companies seeing the benefits of IoT systems such as Amazon Echo, they are also seeing a decrease in costs as a result of these systems. This could be one of the many reasons why businesses all over the world are racing to adopt IoT by 2020.

The cost savings that companies will see by adopting these systems will be passed down to customers through lower prices and improved service. According to IoT Analytics, 545 IoT projects are motivated by cost savings.

6. Safety & Security

IoT is also allowing many companies to improve on the safety and security of their workers as well. With the ability to monitor everything from a number of different sensors, IoT technology can be used to keep people safe and in the proper place at all times. IOT has been proven over the last few years to be more efficient at keeping people safe than traditional safety systems such as CCTV systems.

7. Efficiency

When you think about how much time companies waste each day simply searching for new ways to save money, it is clear to see why IoT technology systems such as Amazon Echo could be a huge benefit.

Investing in IoT technology systems allows companies not only to save money but also time. These systems can help workers be more productive and allow them to spend less time searching for new ways to do their job better and more efficiently.

IoT in Workplace Safety


Industrial IoT, also known as Industry 4.0, is one of the largest areas for IoT projects, with a market value of $106.1 billion expected by 2026. IoT technology is also allowing companies to take a more accurate approach in each of their jobs.

For example, installing these systems can allow companies to install sensors where these are needed the most. By adding additional safety measures, these sensors can improve both the quality and efficiency of each employee’s work life.

IoT in the Workplace: Real-World Examples

China is the world’s leading user of industrial robots.

While many people may not know about the potential benefits of IoT for the workplace, there are already many real-world examples of companies that have already invested in these systems and are seeing tremendous results. With the promise of these new technologies, companies are taking steps to make sure they can take advantage of IoT as soon as possible.

1. Amazon Echo Reinvents Company Culture & Productivity Levels

One company that is investing heavily in IoT is Amazon. This company has become a major supplier of products across the globe and has become an ultimate leader in providing businesses with the solutions they need to be successful on a daily basis.

Basically, these companies are going through an industrial revolution and are not only becoming leaders in their industries but also having a major impact on the way global business is done.

The global energy IoT market is expected to reach $75.3 billion by 2026.

One of the ways these companies are able to be more efficient is by implementing IoT systems such as Amazon Echo. This revolutionary technology allows each of these businesses to become more productive and efficient with their daily tasks. This system allows employees to ask questions or categories of information based on keyword-matching skills.

This eliminates the need for workers to waste time searching for information or updating other employees on what they need to know. These systems can be tied into calendars as well in order to create reminders as needed on schedules when they need to know something that they already have already seen before.

2. UPS Go-To-Market IoT Solutions

Another company that is investing heavily in IoT technology is UPS. This company has already seen huge benefits from the implementation of a number of these systems within its organization.

For example, these systems allow for improved planning and forecasting as well as allowing for more efficient routes when delivering packages to different cities and locations around the world. UPS has also seen incredible results from these new technologies in terms of increased productivity, cost savings, and improved safety levels as well.

3. IBM Watson IoT System Will Be Built on Watson Platforms to Accelerate Businesses’ Growth

IBM Watson has already been seeing incredible results related to awareness of its products and solutions within organizations across the globe. The systems are proving to be incredibly successful in terms of improving the efficiency of business processes.

This is due to the fact that these systems have been specifically designed by IBM Watson experts to separate unactionable data from actionable information with ease. This process allows businesses to analyze their data and develop ways to take action on the information within it. This can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity for businesses across the globe.

4. Amazon Alexa Helps People Use Their Voice Technology for Businesses

By integrating IoT technology such as Amazon Echo into their organizations, companies are able to make huge leaps and bounds forward when it comes to increasing productivity levels on both a daily basis as well as long-term effects as well.

Once workers have established a pattern of utilizing the technology for their daily tasks, these systems will then allow them to take advantage of this technology for other purposes as well. These new technologies are helping people get the most out of their historically inefficient and outdated work processes.

5. Verizon Wireless Smart Businesses Can Take Advantage of Improved Security, Improves Work Productivity Levels

One company that is investing heavily in IoT technology today is Verizon Wireless. This company has seen incredible benefits from the integration of these new technologies within their organizations. One major improvement that these systems have been able to provide businesses is improved security levels as well as improved productivity and work output levels on a daily basis.

7 Benefits of IoT in the Workplace


1. Employee Productivity

If you’re a company that wants to take advantage of IoT technology, you will soon find out that this opportunity is more than just a trend. There are many benefits of IoT technology in the job market. These systems are allowing workers to do their jobs faster and more efficiently while at the same time-saving money and time.

2. Increased Safety

With the ability to monitor employees remotely, companies can be more proactive in reducing safety risks for the public as a whole. This is something that companies are already doing by installing remote sensors in their buildings where it could be most effective or helpful for employees or other workers to monitor crime and safety levels around their buildings or worksites.

3. Save money

By investing in systems such as Amazon Echo, companies will be able to save money while improving the quality of their work output and efficiency.

4. Increased Quality in Work Results

Investing in technology such as the Amazon Alexa is not only proving to be great for productivity but also quality in work results as well. These technology systems enable workers to be more accurate and precise in the tasks before them. IoT is not only about time-saving on the job; it is also about providing a better quality of work output.

5. Savings for Consumers

One of the greatest benefits of IoT for consumers is also savings. By investing in these systems, companies are able to pass down cost savings to their customers. Not only will these cost savings be passed down but they will actually save customers money as well while improving their experience with the company they are working with.

6. Increased Productivity

Another benefit of IoT systems such as Amazon Echo is that they help workers be more productive. With the ability to be more efficient in their jobs and perform tasks faster, workers will no longer have to spend time and resources searching for ways to improve productivity at work. These systems simply allow them to focus on actual work or entire work results.

7. Increased Efficiency in Work Results

Because these systems are monitoring employees’ work at all times, employers are able to monitor the quality of each task performed by their employees as well. With this increased quality feedback, companies can take action on improving efficiency and performance within their organization as a whole.

The Future of Work: How IoT Will Impact the Workplace


The future of the workplace is an exciting and dynamic place to be. It can be a scary place in terms of the speed at which technology and new ways of doing business are changing. However, the fact that organizations are already investing in IoT technology should give employers some hope.

Construction has been a late adopter, but IoT spending in this industry is estimated to reach $16.8 billion by 2024. These companies know that these technologies will help them not only become more productive but also provide them with incredible benefits long-term as well. These new technologies will allow companies to be more efficient and improve their overall productivity levels, which can help businesses thrive long-term.

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