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What Are The Signs A House Showing Went Well

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to discern whether your house showing was a success or not. In the second opinion of this blog, we will delve into the subtleties of house showings, exploring what makes them successful and what signs you should be looking for during and after the event. Let’s take a journey together through the complex world of real estate and uncover the secrets to successful house showings.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand why open house and showings are so important in the real estate industry. Open houses, private showings, and virtual tours are common ways potential buyers can explore properties without making a commitment. These events are critical for both the seller and the buyer, as they can make or break a sale.

Understanding The Importance Of House Showings

A house showing is much more than just opening your doors to strangers. It’s an opportunity to showcase your property’s best features, and it’s your chance to make a lasting impression that could lead to a successful sale. For buyers, it’s an essential step in the home buying process where they can visualize their future in the property and assess if it meets their needs and expectations.

What Makes A Successful House Showing

A successful house showing is one where potential buyers feel an emotional connection to the property. They can envision themselves living there, and the house meets most (if not all) of their requirements. But how do you know if your house showing has been successful? There are several key indicators to look out for, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Approximately 80% of homebuyers say that the overall impression of a listing agent and property is the most important factor when deciding whether a house showing was successful, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).


Key Indicators Of A Successful House Showing

Knowing what signs to look for during and after a house showing can provide valuable insights into how well it went. Here are some key indicators that suggest your house showing was a success.

The Duration Of The Visit

A longer visit often indicates interest. If potential buyers spend a significant amount of time exploring the property, asking questions, and discussing among themselves, it’s usually a good sign. It shows they have a keen interest in the property and are seriously considering it as an option.

Half of the successful showings result in buyers requesting additional information, such as a property inspection or more details on the neighborhood, as reported by

Positive Feedback And Reactions

Positive feedback from house buyers, either verbal or non-verbal, is another telling sign. Compliments about the home’s layout, decor, location, or other features suggest that the buyers like what they see. Look for smiles, excited chatter, and positive body language – these are all good indications that the showing went well.

Enthusiastic Engagement From Potential Buyers

If potential buyers show enthusiasm during the showing, it’s a clear sign of interest. This can be reflected in their eagerness to explore different parts of the house, ask detailed questions, or discuss possibilities such as furniture placement or minor modifications.

According to a survey by Zillow, 70% of buyers who spend 30 minutes or more at a showing are more likely to make an offer, indicating that an extended period of viewing time is a positive sign.


More Signs A House Showing Went Well

Beyond the immediate reactions during the house showing, there are other signs you can look out for after the event.

Request For Additional Visits Or Private Showings

A follow-up request for another visit or a private showing is a strong indication of serious interest. It’s likely the potential buyer’s agent or buyers want to take a closer look, bring along other decision-makers, or simply confirm their initial impressions.

Interest In The Details Of The Selling Process

If a buyer starts asking about details such as closing dates, contingencies, and other aspects of the selling process, it’s a clear sign they are considering making an offer. It shows that they are thinking about the next steps and how closing terms of the purchase would work.

Immediate Follow-Up from Buyers Or Their Agent

A quick follow-up call or email after the showing from the buyers or the buyer requests their agent is another good sign. It suggests that the property left a strong impression, and they want to keep the communication lines open, possibly leading to an offer.

NAR reports that about 25% of successful showings result in an offer being made on the property.


Factors That Can Influence A House Showing

Several factors can influence the success of a house showing. These include the condition of the property, its pricing, the market conditions, and even the weather on the day of the showing. But ultimately, a successful home showing process often comes down to the buyers’ subjective feelings about the property.

Nearly 90% of buyers who ask real estate agent more specific questions about the property’s condition and maintenance during a showing are considered serious about their interest, as per

What To Do After A Successful House Showing

If all signs point towards a successful showing, you and home sellers should be prepared for the next steps. This includes engaging with interested buyers, preparing for potential offers, and being ready to negotiate.

Engaging With Interested Buyers

Keep the lines of communication open with interested buyers. Answer their questions promptly, provide additional information if requested, and show flexibility in accommodating their needs. This will help build trust and rapport with interested buyer, increasing the chances of securing a deal.

Preparing For Potential Offers

After a successful showing, you should prepare for potential offers. This means understanding the current market conditions, knowing your bottom line, and being ready to negotiate terms. Remember, the highest offer may not always be the best one, considering factors like the buyer’s financing, contingencies, and closing timeline.

A study by Redfin found that 60% of buyers who inquire about nearby schools and amenities are more likely to submit an offer.

Dealing With Unsuccessful House Showings

If a house showing doesn’t go as well as hoped, don’t despair. Take it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Ask for feedback from viewers or their real estate agents afterwards, make necessary improvements, adjust the pricing if needed, and try different marketing strategies. Remember, selling a property is often a process of trial and error, and persistence usually pays off. If a buyer stops to admire a particular area room for an extended period of time, or if they make it a point to go back and look at a room multiple times, they are definitely interested in your home.

Approximately 40% of buyers who express a desire to return for a showing request a second showing or bring family members with them are considered serious prospects, according to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).


Final Thoughts

Selling a house is both an art and a science, and house showings are a crucial part of this journey. By understanding the signs that indicate a successful home showing beforehand, you can navigate the process more confidently and effectively. Remember, every house showing brings you one step closer to finding the right buyer for your property.

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